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    Ortho para director substitution
    Because electron donating groups are both ortho and para directors, separation
    of these isomers …The highest electron density is located on both ortho and … determining the ratio
    of ortho versus para substitution.29 Jan 2018 … Two Important Reaction Patterns: Ortho- , Para- and Meta- Directors It's one thing
    to learn about electrophilic aromatic substitution reactions of …2 Feb 2018 … In the previous post we introduced ortho- ,para- and meta- directors in
    electrophilic aromatic substitution. Previous to that we covered the …A monosubstituted benzene, when treated with an electrophile, could undergo
    three electrophilic aromatic substitution reactions. Each reaction yields a …So far we've looked at electrophilic aromatic substitution reactions involving only
    benzene. But what happens when you start with a substituent already on your …Ortho/para director: In electrophilic aromatic substitution, a substituent that favors
    electrophilic attack ortho or para to the substituent. Most ortho/para directors …Now that we understand ortho para and meta directors, let's see what happens
    when you have multiple substituents on a benzene ring. So if I look at this first …Thus, substituents that activate the benzene ring toward electrophilic attack
    generally direct substitution to the ortho and para locations. With some
    exceptions …Deactivating substituents: Reaction stops after the first substitution. … Ortho, para-
    directing: Substituents which directs electron density onto the ortho and para …18 Nov 2014 … The groups that promote substitution at the ortho/para or meta positions are,
    respectively, called ortho/para and meta directing groups, which …Aromatic Substitution Reactions. Page 3. 1. All activating substituents are ortho-
    para directors. 2. … are ortho-para directing and strongly activating. ERG.Answer to What differentiates an ortho – para from a meta – director group in … in
    my answers (lab questions: Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution of Benzoic Acid …Rationalization: regioselectivity in electrophilic aromatic substitution depends on
    the … Recall that the basis for ortho/para and meta directing effects is whether the
    substituent is able to … are ortho/para directors in monocyclic compounds.The following illustration shows why this group will act as an ortho‐para director.
    Notice that three of the four resonance structures show a negative charge …Alkyl Groups: Ortho/Para Directors Alkyl groups direct substitution to positions
    ortho and para to themselves. (They also are activators.) meta not stabilized.The intermediate carbocation resulting from para substitution (or ortho
    substitution) has three … Pi electron-withdrawing substituents are meta directors.21 Apr 2018 … … are generally ortho/para directing for electrophilic aromatic substitution, while
    electron withdrawing groups are generally meta directors with …

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